Monday, November 4, 2013

This image is my logo they way I am showing it now is in stencil form. This logo is used for my company "Technic Design". The focus and nature of my company is rough, dark and more obscure or alien like special effects. The company itself focuses on Props, Costumes and Make-up. Technic Design is prominently higher-ed for Sci-fi and creature included movies and T.V shows. I love to create lifelike and realistic creatures from out of this world. Which is why I chose such a strange creature for my logo.

The logo reflects my company because of its wild and obscure qualities that I try so hard to show in the my work. The creature has to large eyes in the center with a third above it to represent imaginative ideas that wouldn't come from this world. It has to large jaws on the sides of its face with three teeth each it also has three fin like appendages on the back of his head. After creating this stencil I had added three teeth in between the eyes to add a little more texture. Over the eye are supposed to only be three eye brows which would complete the three of everything which I only noticed a few weeks after creating it. The use of bold lines and obvious/ simple symbols allow the viewer to really see and understand the idea after a few seconds of looking at it. I like how this image can be placed in any setting and really look good on anything it isn't only typographic which i think really helps allow more freedom.

My logo had started from a character that I often draw in my sketch book so i had already perfected the look and feel of this character which made it very easy to transport into my logo. I didn't really have any problems because I already had designed it before this assignment but i did go through other ideas. Unfortunately the other ideas weren't very strong as logos so I decided to go with this. I think that the end result for this logo is just how I pictured and really feel that is strong, distinctive and really represents my style.