Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inkblot Tests

These photos are of the inkblots that my group created we made these and were actually quite surprised to see that they all had very similar shapes. Example they all have these two circular shapes moving through them. They also look like they have wings of some kind. These images are in order from smallest to largest they we are going to create a larger amount of these and the difference in size will be allot smaller from one picture to the next. 

These photos were edited by Alfonso and my self we changed the brown colour that they had to a nice black that looks more like ink the also had wrinkles and shadows which we also removed. These are perfect examples of the images we are going for.   

Down By Law


        In our latest assignment we were told to change the mood of a movie trailer ex: Barbie the movie becomes a zombie movie. I choose Down by Law because the mood is pretty dark but yet it still has some comedic moments. The director of this movie is Jim Jarmusch, He is a fantastic director.

       When changing this movie trailer i wanted to eliminate the comedic part of the movie and make it more of a dark movie. I choose to use the parts of the movie that are darker such as the fight scene and the escape scene.

       When choosing the music i chose a Tom Waits song called "Hell Broke Luce" because it is pretty descriptive of the trailer. It is pretty dark but it is very load and powerful which is what i am going for in the trailer.

        In the future i would like to change the song to something more dark and less of the same vibe from the original trailer. Also i would like to change the ending cause i feel that i have given to much of the story away. I think i could shorten some of the scenes because i feel that people can make the connection from one scene to the next without showing the whole scene.

        In conclusion I think that the trailer can be fixed and could be much better and will be resubmitted. I still like the mood was slightly changed but can be more obvious when i re do it. 

Are ideas for the Palladio project

        In Cyber Arts we have a project to create a video that will go along with a piece of classical music called Palladio. We as a group thought that it would be pretty cool to make ours like a visualizer. These are a few ideas of things that we would like to use in a video.

The image above is a still of a fractal.A fractal is a curve or geometric figure, each part of which has the same statistical character as the whole. We liked the look of fractals and it reminded us of life and how things grow decay and a new thing is born. And that is part of our concept evolution and life.

The image above is a photo of a rorschach inkblot test this image is to test the psychological mind of a person usually used by a psychologist. We really liked the look of these images and thought about animating them. We would create then photograph at least one hundred of these and the animate them. We would start with small ones then medium then large so that it looks like they are evolving.  

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I am writing a artist statement for this and i will post very soon.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

In CyberArts we were asked to photograph a spinning object and this object is my ceiling fan. I choose my ceiling fan cause well i spend a lot of time watching it spin>

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Shark bird

  This image was produced from a lino cut. The goal of the of the project was to create a print that was a bird. In my case, I choose something that I had created in my spare time, a Sharkbird. This crazy creation originally was a stuffed animal, half cardinal, half shark. Both were cut in half and then sewed together. I chose to use Sharkbird as my subject matter because in the past I
often experimented with building sculptures out of found objects and parts of toys I had taken apart. The colours I chose for this piece where red for the
cardinal, gray for the shark, blue for the sky and white representing the lines. In the beginning I found this project quite difficult especially because I had to make ten replicas. Some other problems I had were, mixing the paint because some days I could replicate that colour and other days the paint wouldn't want to mix. Registration of each layer was also difficult. Overall I found the project challenging but fun.  

Recon Helmet

Recon Helmet

  My helmet is based off a helmet from Halo 3. It is used in the online portion of the game. The way I created this helmet was by printing out a net on cardstock. I had to build it piece by piece which took a very long time. The next step was to coat it with liquid resin on the outside and fiberglass resin on the inside. This made it rock hard. The last steps were to sand and paint. The additions I made to it were a visor and padding. The helmet took me about five weeks. It was a very tedious and time consuming project but completely worth it. The next thing I would like to do is coat it with Plasti Dip which is a plastic spray on coating much like something you would apply to the handle of a pair of pliers. 

Self Portrait

    My self portrait images communicate how I feel, excited yet kind of
confused about what is going on in life and school. They also reveal some of my underlying and maybe not so happy thoughts, hiding away. The computer generated portrait is more of a Pop Art style with a crazy colorful trippy background. That is how I show my excitement towards life. My intense background of the painted version, shows the same message but with a different style. The style is more expressionistic. My painted version is quite similar to the computerized version through the expression on my face. Both show a serious, not amused face that reveal my hidden thoughts and problems. The falling upside down, in both images, shows my confusion and discontent.
Overall I found the project fun and beneficial. I liked the painting process more but found it all enjoyable. I think that I showed the viewer how I feel. 

Monkey Bird

Monkey Bird

  This piece is a sketch I had done in class. It was just concept work for the skull drawings we were doing. It is a skeleton of a monkey with the head replaced with a parrot skull. The medium is graphite. I like the detailed and precise style. The style makes it look realistic scientific diagram. Yet it is an imaginary creature like the Sharkbird. I sent it to Urban Voices and they seemed to have liked it because it is going to be published in this year’s magazine.