Sunday, November 4, 2012

Down By Law


        In our latest assignment we were told to change the mood of a movie trailer ex: Barbie the movie becomes a zombie movie. I choose Down by Law because the mood is pretty dark but yet it still has some comedic moments. The director of this movie is Jim Jarmusch, He is a fantastic director.

       When changing this movie trailer i wanted to eliminate the comedic part of the movie and make it more of a dark movie. I choose to use the parts of the movie that are darker such as the fight scene and the escape scene.

       When choosing the music i chose a Tom Waits song called "Hell Broke Luce" because it is pretty descriptive of the trailer. It is pretty dark but it is very load and powerful which is what i am going for in the trailer.

        In the future i would like to change the song to something more dark and less of the same vibe from the original trailer. Also i would like to change the ending cause i feel that i have given to much of the story away. I think i could shorten some of the scenes because i feel that people can make the connection from one scene to the next without showing the whole scene.

        In conclusion I think that the trailer can be fixed and could be much better and will be resubmitted. I still like the mood was slightly changed but can be more obvious when i re do it. 

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